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Stiltz Home Elevator Lifts has not slowed down in terms of installs it seems that the Stiltz Elevator Installs are growing day by day.  For this is the case with all the people that do come to Florida during the winter months to get away from the cold.  This keeps Stiltz of Florida on top with assisting all the families that need a Home Lift quick and that is affordable.  Our Elevator Lifts will fit an any home and installs in about 2 days.  So, if you need assistance with the stairs and don’t have a reliable place to turn call Stiltz of Florida we are in Home Mobility Industry this is what we do and if we can’t help you with the equipment you need we will get you to the best place that can.  Making a decision for a Home Elevator or Lift can come up quick so getting the proper information from an reputable company is so important.  If you are interested in an Home Consultation just fill out the form and someone will be in contact with you shortly. Or give us a call at 877-361-3381 We are Stiltz Direct for the State of Florida.

It’s Official! We are

We are so proud to Announce that Heather VanIwarden and her entire Team has been honored in job well done in  assisting families with the Stiltz Home Elevator’s.  She has assisted so many families in 2017 that Stiltz Home Lift Company has honored her with a Stiltz of Florida Website to take care of her current customer’s and her future customers.  Thank you to Mark Bloomfield, President of North America Operations for giving Stiltz of Florida this opportunity to assist all the families in the State of Florida with a Stiltz Home Elevator.  Stiltz of Florida plans to bring awareness in the state of Florida.  So, many people are still not aware of the Technology that is available to them when it comes to any issue’s with the stairs.  Families don’t have to move out of the home they love or purchase a stairlift that they really don’t feel as good about.  Why Buy a Stairlift when you can get a Real Lift a Stiltz Home Elevator.  

Congratulations! Stiltz of Florida 2018 

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